‘Ellen’ skybox, ‘Mannequin Challenge’ on ‘Today’, Garry Marshall ‘Odd Couple’ tribute

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Hold on! TV returns to normal in 48 hours. Remember, after Monday night’s primetime shows, the election coverage begins. What is that called? Oh yeah, wall-to-wall coverage. Luckily it will only last until the strike of midnight on Tuesday. At that point, the election will be over. A winner will be announced and the red, white and blue balloons will drop on the winning presidential candidate. Then, and only then, Americans can pick up the remote and return to the regularly schedule programs.

Ellen’ skybox offers special viewers luxury spot to watch show

“The Ellen Show” has a skybox? Fans who watch NFL games, NBA games and even concerts in most arenas can see performances from a skybox, relax in a very comfortable uncrowded area and watch a moment in history. Now diehard “Ellen Show” viewers can catch a glimpse watching the show too. If you want this very special view from the sky, you need to be creative. Fans are being asked to submit creative videos for the chance to win a taping from the very cool location.

‘Friday Night Lights’ field vandalized

The show “Friday Night Lights” was a TV series that fans still talk about years after the final episode. In fact, some viewers visit the Kuempel Stadium in Pflugerville, Texas to see where episodes were taped. Over the weekend someone vandalized the field. The criminals haven’t been found yet, but the fans of the show are irate (and rightfully so.) Police are looking into the incident, but so far no word on suspects.

Is this the last season of ‘RHONJ’?

The first part of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion was not what viewers expected. Most fans will agree the show was uncomfortable to watch. Last night,  I found myself shifting in my chair during the last 15 minutes of the reunion confrontation. It was too much. It’s one thing to have a disagreement, but even Andy Cohen seemed speechless at the accusations. Which is why I wonder if this is the last season of this show (at least with the current cast). The show just can’t revolve around one woman and viewers, like myself, aren’t comfortable with the baseless allegations.

Garry Marshall tribute on ‘The Odd Couple

The CBS show “The Odd Couple” is honoring Garry Marshall’s extraordinary legacy during Monday night’s show. The late actor was heavily involved in TV for decades and some of TV’s most iconic shows had massive influence from Marshall. Tonight the legend is being honored with appearances from Ron Howard, Cindy Williams, Marion Ross, Anson Williams and Penny Marshall. Watch “The Odd Couple” and see all the famous faces honoring Gary Marshall on CBS during Monday night prime time.

And finally… Take the Mannequin Challenge and post a video

If you haven’t heard, there is a new challenge that all the cool kids (and TV celebrities) are part of and it’s called the Mannequin Challenge (found on social media as #MannequinChallenge). Yep, it’s just as quirky as it sounds. People are standing still, just like mannequins and posting the videos of the lifeless movements online. It’s actually very popular on social media and even “The Today Show” got in on the action as the anchors refrained from moving.

It’s an odd trend that is sweeping the country. If you haven’t put up your Mannequin Challenge video, you need to hurry. Take that back. You need to be as still as possible, but keep that camera rolling! (Photo: Ellen.)

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