‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 7 review: NSA agent becomes shark bait; Callen checks into mental hospital to solve murder

NCIS LA -There was nothing crazy about Agent Callen checking into a mental health hospital on Sunday night’s episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” While his coworkers back at NCIS headquarters might have ribbed him about his fake crimes to get him committed, he checked himself into the hospital to save an NSA agent who was being hunted by the Mexican cartel.

With a bit of shock and a bunch of awe, fans of the popular show will be talking about the opening sequence for weeks to come. Marine biologists opening up the belly of a great white shark caught close to Huntington Beach were horrified to discover the body of a man in the shark’s stomach. Talk about being fish bait!

The man was identified as an NSA agent and some of his coworkers were missing in Los Angeles. The team took on the case to find the killers and save the agents. Intentionally misled by one of the NSA agents found alive, the team first suspects ISIS of the murder, but quickly realize it has the markings of the Mexican drug cartel. Digging deeper, one of the NSA agents stole $17 million of the cartel’s cash and is being hunted for the return of the funds.

Getting tipped off that one of the NSA agents checked himself into a mental hospital to save himself, he is in immediate danger after the thieving coworker told the cartel his whereabouts.  Thankfully Agent Callen already checked himself in to the hospital, so when the bad men show up with guns, he could offer protection for the wrongfully blamed NSA agent.

The climax of the show had to be when Callen took on the identity of the NSA agent and he was kidnapped. Trying to get information, he was tossed in the ocean with cubed fish. Waiting for the sharks to eat him, the cartel sat on the boat laughing at what might happen next. What they didn’t know (until it was too late) was that Special Agent Sam Hanna swam out to the boat just in time to save his partner. Giving Callen air and a gun, the big surprise was when Callen popped out of the water ready to fire, and was very much alive.

As the team focuses on work, the personal lives of some of the agents are still being sorted out. Special Agent Kensi Blye is still battling her spinal injury and she still can’t stand up. Refusing Deeks’ engagement proposal, she is angered over her condition and shutting out the man that she loves. She isn’t the only one who is battling an illness. Assistant Director Owen Granger hints that he has an incurable disease and it leaves fans asking if he will die before the end of the season.

We really enjoyed the episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” this week. Leaving fans impressed with new scenarios that reflect different areas of Los Angeles, it was once again fun to watch.  Episode grade: A-.

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