HBO’s ‘Divorce’ episode 6 preview: The Christmas family trip

Divorce -

For the majority of the run of “Divorce” so far on HBO, one of the major themes we’ve seen is Robert and Frances showing that they are not completely horrible courtesy of the behavior they’ve shown towards their kids. It’s important for the two of them to think that despite everything happening with the split, everyone can come together and still be a family for the moments that matter the most. Kids are often the biggest victims in any divorce, and these particular ones have already born witness to a number of arguments, some screaming, and many half-truths decide to both hide their own personal shame over the state of things and also an attempt to make them think everything is okay.

Next week’s episode is entitled “Christmas,” and this will mark an opportunity for everyone to put their best foot forward. As for whether or not that actually happens … let’s just say there is a reason to have some doubt.

“Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Robert (Thomas Haden Church) try to set their differences aside and make their annual Christmas trip to her parents’ house with the kids.”

As for if this particular trip will be successful, it’s hard to say until the episode airs, but we’re not quite sure there is any reason to have great confidence in this at present when you think about everything that we’ve seen these characters go through to date. Why would you think that they could make it through an entire trip, even during the holidays, without peril? The only way we see things turning around for the two of them is if they start to in private. There’s only so long that you can mask things, and it is even worse when there is such a level of rage.

You can get some further news when it comes to “Divorce,” including a review for Sunday’s episode, over at the link here. (Photo: HBO.)

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