‘Girl Meets World’ season 3, episode 17 preview: ‘Girl Meets Hollyworld’ and sabotage

Hollyweird -We would certainly like to see a fourth season of “Girl Meets World” ordered by the Disney Channel at some point down the road, but we don’t think the network is necessarily making it that easy on the show with the extremely-strange way in which they are scheduling out most of their new episodes. There’s a new episode tonight in “Girl Meets Her Monster,” which is the first one the show’s put on the air since “World of Terror 3” a few weeks back. Following tonight, we’re going to be waiting at least a little bit to see “Girl Meets Hollyworld,” the next new installment.

What’s coming up here in this episode? We’ll go ahead and give you the synopsis for the episode below, which sounds fun — but also sounds like something that Maya will get in trouble for:

“Maya schemes to sabotage another actress so that her mom will get a role in an upcoming movie.”

Here is the good news — it looks like this is going to be a whole lot more lighthearted than what we saw on the show this week, which proved itself to be one of the most painful episodes of the entire series. At least Riley and Topanga managed to come together in the end.

It feels like the message with this one is going to be fairly easy to telegraph, and that is something akin to “fair is fair,” and that there is no reason for Maya to try to help her mother when she is surely talented enough to get the role on her own. Maya’s just too young to realize that just yet, and part of this show is all about realizing that certain things are in fact learning experiences.

We’ll have more news tonight on “Girl Meets World” over at the link hereBe on the lookout! (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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