Leonardo DiCaprio surprises on ‘Ellen’, Weather Channel’s zero election coverage

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It’s Friday! Three days until the presidential election, two days from “NCIS: Los Angeles” and if you’re lucky, a day away from the chance to binge watch “The Crown” on Netflix. It’s a perfect weekend to turn on the TV and catch up on all the shows you’ve been wanting to watch and just relax!

Leonardo DiCaprio surprises on ‘Ellen’; see free documentary this weekend

Leonardo DiCaprio made a surprise visit on “The Ellen Show” Friday. His documentary “Before the Flood” which is a three-year project focused on climate change is currently available to watch for free until Sunday. The film gives people a firsthand look into the changes our society faces and takes viewers around the world. After Sunday, the documentary will be taken down and aired on National Geographic in the very near future.


Zero Election Coverage? Weather Channel makes promise to viewers

Promises. Promises. Promises. Election coverage has people counting down to the decision of who will be the next president. If you have already voted, it’s tiring. If you haven’t voted, you probably know where to go to vote and you’re tired of the pressure too. The Weather Channel feels your pain! Promising a 9-hour chill marathon on election day, the channel is offering shots of the best nature has to offer and smooth jazz. Yeah, it sounds awesome!

Say What? Dr. Phil’s latest guest claims she’s giving birth to Jesus

OK, I admit I sometimes watch Dr. Phil when his show strays into wacky stories. This week he had a crazy story and I taped it just to see the train wreck. Of course I’m talking about the teenager who had people freaking out she might giving birth to Jesus, the Son of God. Since I don’t do spoilers, you might want to check out the results here. My response? I had the giggles the entire show. I applaud Dr. Phil for keeping a straight face (we now know why he is paid the big bucks) and wonder if he needs someone to point out he’s strayed a bit from being helpful to the average viewer. That’s right, not everyone is preggers with God’s kid.

And Finally… Walter Cronkite Google Doodle

When TV fans and news junkies woke up to search on Friday they found a Walter Cronkite Google Doodle tribute to enjoy. The late newsman would have been 100 years old today! Known for his focused reporting, he covered many moments in history as the world watched him on TV. (Photo: Twitter/United Nations.)

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