‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 8 preview: On Ellen Pompeo and ‘The Room Where It Happens’

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Tonight, “Grey’s Anatomy” brought us an episode entitled “Why Try to Change Me Now” that fittingly, was very much about that said thing. For Dr. Richard Webber, he was confronted by his age, his teaching methods, and the presence of a young threat in Dr. Eliza Minnick who offered something that to him was incredibly frightening: A differing perspective. Her teaching techniques would mark a stark reversal of course from everything that has transpired at the Grey Sloan Memorial for years, and of course moving forward it is fair to question whether or not he could be out of a job if these techniques turn out to not be copacetic with his own way of doing things.

We don’t want to focus too much further on this particular episode here, mostly because it stands out on its own accord and we’ll have a more substantial review for it up in due time. For now, let’s look ahead briefly to a Debbie Allen-directed episode entitled “The Room Where It Happens” airing next week, one that could have rather pointed consequences for the entire crew at the hospital.

Synopsis – “A difficult surgery brings back pivotal memories for Meredith, Richard, Owen and Stephanie, as they work together to save a life.”

Given Webber’s current circumstances, it is interesting to see him taking center stage in a consecutive episode; though, we’re not going to be upset at a chance to see another great James Pickens Jr. performance. Also, why not toast to seeing Ellen Pompeo have some more screen time? While she was present during Thursday’s episode, she was barely a blip on the radar.

Promo – This gives you a further indication as to the specific stakes that are present as the surgeons all face enormous tension under the weight of their new leadership, and struggle to determine what is the right and wrong move during a particularly risky operation. One slip-up means the end of a patient’s life, and even the most experienced surgeon struggles with change. There’s now a mountain of it crashing down atop the hospital rooftop.

Tonight’s episode – You can see a full review for “Why Try to Change Me Now” over at our full archive page. We’ll have more over the coming days. (Photo: ABC.)

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