Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley mock politics on CMA Awards, David Blaine returns to ABC

CMA AwardsLast night it didn’t matter if you liked music, baseball or drama, the selection on television has something for everyone. Even if you were a news junkie you could find your fix on a cable news network! Perhaps the best night of television this week, I admit I was surfing four channels at one point last night to keep an eye on all the action!

Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley mock politics at the CMA Awards

The 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards had musical moments, tributes and popular entertainers even received some well-deserved hardware. However, it might be Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley who are best remembered on Wednesday night. As in past years, the two stars brought out the guitar and sang about country music stars and the current state of the world. This included a few harmless jokes at the current presidential race which made everyone chuckle.

David Blaine returns with famous friends

David Blaine always entertains with his brand of magic and illusions. Always willing to try something new, it appears he has a new ABC special highlighting his tricks called “David Blaine: Beyond Magic” and it comes with a twist. The people watching his performance won’t be an audience in Vegas. Instead he’s showcasing his magic in front of famous folks and the world can watch David’s tricks and the celebrity’s response. Clips of this show are enticing! Fans can hardly wait to see this special when it debuts later this month.

World Series suspense: Baseball fans watched on pins and needles

The final game of the World Series had so many twists and turns during the last hour of the game than most of the season. I’m surprised more people didn’t have heart attacks as the suspense was intense. Then, just when fans thought the game was in the final stretch, it began to rain and there was a delay. What I found most intriguing was the shots of the fans in the crowd. Anxiety was etched into their faces as the game played. The title of winner this year meant more than ever before. In the end the Cubs walked away winning the title, but it was baseball fans who were the real winners. This year every game of the series was action packed with fans on pins and needles up to the very end.

And finally… Popular TV show home floor plans

Super fans know every detail about their favorite shows, right down to the floor plans. A recent look at different TV homes caught my attention as I noticed that fans were discussing the home layout in floorplans for shows like “Mr. Robot” and “Breaking Bad” when referencing key moments in episodes. Wouldn’t it be cool for someone to come up with a guide of all the floor plans of television shows over the years. From the apartment used in “I Love Lucy” to the layout of the hospital area on “Code Black”?

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