‘Chicago Med’ interview: Nick Gehlfuss sets up Will Halstead’s concierge-doctor story

Nick -While the past couple of nights have been chaotic for many networks because of the World Series, here’s some great news if you are a fan of NBC’s “Chicago Med“: There is a new episode coming on this week. This one is entitled “Inherent Bias,” and while there are going to be many different storylines as always, Dr. Will Halstead will be spending a little time out of hospital — and looking into some new innovations in modern medicine.

While on the red carpet for One Chicago Day last month, we spoke with Nick Gehlfuss about this story, working outside of the hospital set, an upcoming crossover, and also his excitement of being a part of such a rapidly-expanding universe.

CarterMatt – What was it like for you getting out of the hospital for the marathon story?

Nick Gehlfuss – I think it’s really smart we’re getting out of hospital. The canvas that is Chicago is quite beautiful, and that marathon episode felt like a marathon to shoot. It actually took place really close to when the Chicago Marathon took place. We narrowly missed one another. So people thought it was the real thing (laughs) but it was fun.

We try not to disrupt the inner [happenings] of the city, but it’s fun to get out there and interact with the fans.

So it looks like (coming up) Will’s going to look into finding new ways to improve his finances.

There’s a really great story involving technology. Noah Sexton, April Sexton’s younger brother, he pitches Will on a house-call app. It’s really smart. You’ll enjoy it; it gets us out of the hospital. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s some comedy involved and it has a really smart ending.

So what do you have coming up on the crossover front?

[Coming up] I’m going on set of ‘Chicago PD.’ I’ll be doing two episodes with my brother Jesse [Lee] Soffer. I’ll have two scenes; they’ll be on our set for one of them, and then I’ll go up to the bullpen.

One of the reasons we’re here is because ‘Chicago Fire’ is celebrating 100 episodes. I know you guys still have a ways to go, but do you think about where the show could go between now and then?

Absolutely. I can’t buy what I’m feeling right now. This is a big night for all of us, welcoming another show in ‘Chicago Justice.’ I get to be part of that welcoming, which we were given when we were welcomed in. It’s a tremendous thing that’s going on.


For more news on Thursday’s “Chicago Med,” head over here to watch a preview. (Photo: Parish Lewis/NBC.)

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