Could Alex O’Loughlin really leave ‘Hawaii Five-0’ after season 8?


This Friday, the 150th episode of “Hawaii Five-0” will be coming on the air over on CBS, but it may already be time to start looking more towards another milestone: The potential end of the road, at least for one of the main characters. Alex O’Loughlin gives everything to the role of Steve McGarrett, but he may be looking towards the end of his time on this series.

In a recent interview out of Australia, the actor suggested that he planned to exit the show after his contract is up following a potential eighth season. His reasoning for that was simple: This show is extremely demanding physically, and it is incredibly hard to sustain doing it. It’s hard to really blame him for feeling that way after watching the stunts this cast has to do every week. Do you want to watch a version of the show where Steve is just standing around eating at the shrimp truck?

O’Loughlin was asked about these comments again by TVLine this week, and he echoed much of what he said then:

“Absolutely [it’s still the plan]. I’m just trying to make it through the end of [Season] 7! [Five-0] is really, really wonderful, but it is an action show, I’m the main guy, and I defy anybody to do what I’ve done for as long I’ve done it and hold out the way I have. Dude, I was a fit, strong, healthy guy when I started the show, and I still am, but you sustain what you sustain. It’s part of the gig.”

If nothing else, cheers to Alex for giving production the time to figure out the right way to have him written out of the show if this really is the end of the road for him. He’s giving them a chance to either wrap up the show entirely, or at least his character, in a cool or interesting way. It’s a million times better than leaving at the last second or having the studio write you out for contractual reasons, given that just means everyone has to scramble and the closure is usually spotty at best.

We have to ask: Do you think that “Hawaii Five-0” can survive without Alex’s Steve McGarrett? Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us if you would watch the show without him. Want more news on the 150th episode? We’ve got some more details about it over here. (Photo: CBS.)

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