‘Timeless’ episode 5 review: Lucy learns her father’s name; drama at the Alamo

The Alamo -Here’s how you know you’ve got a good show on your hands: You can have an episode where not much happens in the way of notable content, but at the same time you still manage to thoroughly entertain. That’s what’s happening with “Timeless”.

After there were several episodes earlier this season with big reveals, the biggest one on “Timeless” Monday night was one we didn’t actually see: Lucy Preston apparently being given by her mother the name of her biological father. We don’t know who it is, but we’d probably throw our face into a wall if it’s Garcia Flynn somehow. Haven’t we had that twist enough? We figure that it’s probably someone either through her recent timeline or it gives her a good story in the present. Either way, we do think there’s some intriguing stuff coming up there.

The meat of tonight’s episode took place with the Alamo and the latest attempt to try and stop Flynn from committing some history-changing atrocities. Here, he wanted to help Santa Anna and his forces turn the battle into even more of a bloodbath. This was similar to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln episode in that our heroes had to watch an event unfold that featured a significant loss of life, and couldn’t do much to change it. This time, it was Wyatt who wanted to because of the memories the Alamo gave him of his time in the military. He didn’t want to leave these people, who were largely ranchers and family-men, behind. He was able to help get the women and children out of there, and this was his greatest achievement here. In the present, Lucy and Rufus made it clear that they weren’t going to continue forward without having him on board.

As someone who grew up in Texas, we knew the entire story of the Alamo well and the show did a great job presenting it. Hats off to the writers for giving us an accurate and emotional retelling, and for creating authentic versions of Sam Bowie and Davy Crockett. The setting felt as realistic as you’re probably going to get.

Here’s our one quibble with the show still: Lucy and the team always seemingly perplexed when providing backstory to people who ask for either their names, where they’re from, or what they are doing? Shouldn’t they rehearse this stuff in advance? Otherwise, we still continue to love this show, and find it a great mix of history and thrills every week.¬†Grade: A-.

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