‘American Horror Story’ could do crossover between ‘Murder House,’ ‘Coven’

Over the years we’ve definitely seen “American Horror Story” tackle some strange things, but even still, what we’ve got for you now has to qualify as one of the stranger things that we’ve heard about to date: We could be getting a crossover coming up soon between two previous seasons of the show in “Coven” and “Murder House.” It’s not entirely clear how it would work just yet, or even when it would happen — it just looks like it’s going to be at some point beyond season 7.

Speaking (per Entertainment Weekly) while at the publication’s PopFest, co-creator Ryan Murphy made it clear that there are some conversations that are happening between some of the stars of the two seasons in order to schedule something out down the road. He described it as “fun” and “weird,” and we’re not entirely sure at present exactly how this could end up working.

What we do know is that this season could be intriguing in theory, and we figure that there’s a reasonably good chance that they could get a lot of viewers to flock to it just based on the concept alone. We have utterly no idea precisely how this show could work, but at the same time, we’ve wondered that about many different seasons that have been put on the air in this franchise over the years.

So basically, there could be as many as three different seasons of the “Horror Story” franchise in progress at the moment. Season 7 seems to be a separate / new idea, there’s this crossover season, and then there’s also a mysterious idea from a single writer that has been worked on in secret for some time. We at least presume that idea is different from the crossover concept.

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