‘Masters of Sex’ season 4, episode 8 video: Libby’s surprise news

Libby -We’ve got yet another new episode of “Masters of Sex” coming on Showtime this weekend, and it appears that yet again, romance and complication are going to be the name of the game.

The first sneak peek below reflects this perfectly through the lens of the relationship between Libby Masters and Keller. Specifically, she learns here that her beau is still married technically, and has been waiting for the better part of the past few years in order to break it off. So why the wait? Is there a good reason for it? The only explanation he seems to offer up here is that he is waiting for his attorney to get everything together, but he picked one who is incredibly busy and therefore there is a little bit of waiting that needs to happen before he can ultimately get precisely what he wants and start to move forward.

Meanwhile, the second sneak peek that we have is more of a reflection on what is going on with Virginia, as she does her part to help a man who is inside a room with her former love while her husband is outside. While Virginia may be handing down advice, let’s not pretend for a moment that she is devoid of a motive here: She wants to get Bill Masters out of there for her own purposes. We imagine that the end of this episode will bring with it something that gets these two characters closer to a reconciliation, and we are very much interested in seeing how all of that comes about.

One thing we’re fairly confident of, though, is that no matter how it happens, it’s probably going to be messy. Nothing with this show is anything otherwise.

For some other news when it comes to “Masters of Sex,” be sure to visit the link here! (Photo: Showtime.)


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