‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ season 11 reunion part 3: Shannon clears up David abuse allegations

OC -It’s time for the conclusion of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” reunion and it’s going to be filled with fights so we hope you are ready for the drama. The preview for tonight’s episode showed us Shannon Beador in tears, Vicki Gunvalson screaming her face off and ladies getting up from the couch and walking off set.

We started this episode off with talk about the dune buggy accident and how Shannon and Meghan handled the news that Vicki had been airlifted to the hospital. Although many of the women felt that they should’ve gone to the hospital, Andy posted an online poll asking viewers what they thought and a whopping 72% said that Shannon and Meghan made the right choice not going. We can see it from both sides – yes it’s a nice gesture to go and see someone and make sure they are okay, on the other hand  an accident doesn’t mean you put yourself out there for someone you aren’t friends with at all. Looking at it from the side of the person that’s injured (depending on who it is) they may not want to see someone they don’t like at the hospital when they are going through something traumatic. Lots of different sides to this situation.

We then moved onto the Ireland trip, which is what everyone’s been waiting to hear about. There looked like some shady dealings were happening, especially when it comes to the “did they or didn’t they” push drinks on Kelly. Heather says her flask of Fireball has to do with an inside joke that all the ladies are in on and Andy acknowledges that it’s true. Then we get into Shannon pushing double tequila shots on Kelly after she said no to any shots at all. Shannon says that she was pushing the drinks because there was only 45 minutes left on their trip and she wanted everyone to have a really fun time since this trip (for her) was the time of her life. She still stands by the idea that she wasn’t singling Kelly out, wasn’t trying to get just her drunk and that there was no ambush on Kelly – On the other side Kelly says 100% that it was a set up.

Last but not least we move into the “secret” that Vicki allegedly has on Shannon: That David has hit Shannon, which is something that Shannon denies ever happened. Shannon did admit that in 2003 she called the police during a fight she had with David, but says that nothing physical happened. Vicki claims that Shannon is lying and that she had texted Vicki photos of bruises and cuts from the fight. Shannon says those injuries in those photos were not from David at all. She says that after the affair was exposed, she and David went to dinner and that she either got wasted or someone slipped her something and David found her 9 blocks away with bruises and cut knees and her purse was gone. Later that night, David locked himself in their daughter’s room and she tried to break in giving herself bruises as she banged up against the door. Vicki counters by saying that Shannon had also called her, screaming for her life. After hearing Shannon’s side of the story, Kelly says that she believes what Shannon is saying, but Vicki is holding strong that this is a classic abuse cover up story.

This group is still very divided and the reunion only patched up a few smaller fights. We would be shocked if Shannon and Vicki are ever friends again after this and while we’ve seen Tamra and Vicki fall in and out of friendship, it’s not looking that great for them either. Our biggest question is if Kelly is going to want to do another season of the show after such a rough first outing? For as many questions as they answered for us, this reunion left us with even more. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County”? Leave us a comment in the box below. If you want more scoop on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” then head on over to the link here. We also have our exclusive interviews with Shannon Beador at the link here and with Kelly Dodd at the link here. (Photo: Bravo)

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