‘Shameless’ season 7, episode 5 video: Frank stumbles into good news

Shameless -

There are times when Frank Gallagher on “Shameless” is clearly one of the most miserable men to ever walk the earth; there are also times in which we feel like he’s got a horseshoe permanently wedged up where the sun don’t shine. That’s more of what we feel in the latest sneak peek below.

If you recall, Frank has spent much of the past few weeks engaging in a dalliance with a fake family, a group of homeless people he’s turned into de-facto replacements for the real family who doesn’t want a whole lot to do with him anymore — for perfectly good reason, we might add. Really, there is zero reason in the world why anyone should want to give Frank a further handout, but the sneak peek below shows that his luck hasn’t quite run out for him just yet.

In it, Frank is informed that due to the actions of Simon Epstein — a man Frank seems to know mostly for the size of his you-know-what — he is going to be able to stay with his homeless friends a while longer. The place has become public housing after Simon saw the story on the news, and he wants to do what he can in order to help the homeless on the South Side.

If only there was a way for Simon to vet some of these people he was helping, maybe he’d feel a little bit different. Either way, it’s hard to be upset about this given that we figure it will be a nice little source of comedy for us to continue playing into some of Frank’s antics for a little while longer. Sure, you can argue that the guy has to grow up at some point, but it’s certainly more fun when he’s stupid and childish.

For more previews leading into Sunday night’s new episode of “Shameless,” be sure to head over here right now! (Photo: Showtime.)

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