‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 6 review: Was Alex fired?

Grey's AnatomyThrough six episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, Shonda Rhimes seems to be making good on her promise to tell stories that are character-based, in particular around the people who’ve been a part of the show from almost the very beginning.

This episode tonight was a big showcase for Justin Chambers as Alex, and for the most part, he delivered yet again. He’s not someone who ever wants to be inhibited by his current state in life, which is why he wanted to do everything that he could in order to help a woman he met in line at court. He got her to the free clinic and did his part to look at her, but the problem quickly arose that there was little he would be able to do to save her life. However, he could try to help his unborn child, and he started to rigorously push Bailey for her help.

Here’s the problem in the end: Bailey spent most of the episode contemplating getting rid of Karev after she was confronted by Catherine about him still being employed. After seeing how much Alex still cares about his patients, she made the decision to keep him on board — even though he could eventually face jail time after what he did to Andrew DeLuca.

Speaking of DeLuca, he continued to be awkward with Jo as he told her about seeing her around Alex — which she claimed was just for the case. This was odd, to say the least, and while we do somewhat sympathize for Andrew given what Alex did to him, he makes it hard to continue to show sympathy.

Elsewhere in the episode, we continued to see Amelia struggle with not being pregnant, and eventually she did open up to Alex about the baby she had in California without a brain. She in turn is avoiding Owen for now, who doesn’t quite know what is going on. We also saw in here more complicated medical problems coupled with the return of Leah Murphy, who has improved her expertise since going through training there. Her return does raise questions about the ability of Richard Webber as a teacher, which is certainly awkward given that Avery is his wife and she may have to look into it. Episode Grade: B+.

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