‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 6 review: Who is sending Erin Lindsay flowers?

On last week’s episode of “Chicago PD” we saw Burgess take a big step in her career after Julie got sent back to her old detail by Fogel. She spoke to Voight and made her intentions clear that she’s ready to be part of his team if the opportunity ever arises again and it looks like Voight may take Burgess up on that in the future. for now, she is partnerless once again and still working the streets.

Burgess hasn’t moved to the box yet to work with Voight’s team and instead has a new partner that we don’t know much about yet except that his name is Mike, but what we do know is that they found a dead body that is connected to Olinsky. At the crime scene there are framed photos of a potential suspect and Olinsky and we are hoping this means that we are getting an Olinsky episode tonight since it’s been way too long since the last time we had one.  The case turned out to not be as interesting as others we’ve seen over the years, but Olinsky did have the spotlight (which we loved) as he tried to balance being impartial while believing that his friend is innocent. After Crowely tells him to back off the case and he doesn’t, she tells him that she’s going to take his badge if he doesn’t do the right thing when it comes to his friend. He pushes his friend for the truth and finds out that he did murder the girl they are investigating, but Crowley takes his badge anyways so Olinsky is on temporary leave.

Lindsay and Halstead are still going strong, and when a bouquet of her favorite flowers show up at her work she thinks they are from him. He says that he didn’t send them and when she opens the card it’s blank. Is someone playing games with her? When she gets a call from eastern Kansas with no one on the other end, Halstead reveals that he found out that the flowers came from there as well and paid for in cash. Halstead finds out that the flowers are likely coming from a man in prison that’s been doing weird things like that, but that he’s locked up and not to worry. Lindsay mentions that her Bunny once told her that her father did time at the same prison…

We really want to see Burgess work with Voight’s team and we are wondering if after Antonio heads over to “Chicago Justice” we will see Burgess make that move. It’s fun seeing her working the streets, but we think it’s time for her promotion, especially since she is not making any kind of connection with this new partner. Episode grade: B-

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