‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ episode 7 review: Death comes quickly; the real Butcher arrives

If there is one thing that this week’s new episode of “American Horror Story: Roanoke” showed us over the first few minutes of tonight’s episode, it has that the writers have even less chill than usual. We only met Cheyenne Jackson as Sidney one week ago, but within a matter of minutes tonight the Butcher a.k.a. Agnes staged her own revenge on him. He was gone, but he was far from the only person she set her sights on over the episode.

While the residents of the Roanoke house continued to find themselves surrounded by relationship drama, specifically between Shelby, Matt, and Dominic, eventually Agnes showed up there and put a knife into Lily Rabe’s character. Were it not for Dominic fighting back, she would’ve been a goner. The problem at this point was that Shelby needed medical attention, and with that Monet, Audrey, and Lee took off into the woods in order to find Dead Sidney. They had a gun with them, and that proved valuable when Audrey turned up.

Of course, things didn’t get any better for them the moment that another car showed up, complete with tasering and torture. The Butcher also was still alive, shouting various incantations while pulling a bullet out of herself. Lee found herself in huge trouble courtesy of some of the “people of the woods” (that’s putting it lightly), who were the folks in the car. In just a few short minutes, this became almost akin to an episode of “Hannibal.”

Just in case you haven’t had enough death – Lady Gaga returned briefly tonight as the evil Witch-Lady a.k.a. the first Supreme, and it was here Matt revealed that he came back to the show in order to be with return. In return Shelby killed Matt, which further proves that this house turns everyone into monsters.

The final reveal – The real Butcher is out there! Also, they seemingly did away with Agnes! Nobody is spared on this show, and that craziness is probably a part of why it’s so good.

Grade: B. We’re still not going to proclaim that “American Horror Story” is perfect, given that it at times settles for the cheap thrills when we want to see it go the extra mile. Nonetheless, we gotta give them credit for coming up with what we thought was a pretty crazy, sometimes scary hour of TV tonight.

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