‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 6 review: Adam’s decision; Taylor, Figgy go ‘public’

Tonight’s episode of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” technically began with David being okay with losing one of his closest allies in the game in CeCe, but we’d argue that it really didn’t start to take off until a little bit later. After all, we got a chance to see Jay front and center for an emotional package that featured him finding the immunity idol, a move that he made as a tribute to his mom and his entire family. He wants to win the game for them, and the more we see of him on the show, the more we like him and hate ourselves for thinking that he was a stereotypical bro character before the game.

Reward Challenge – We don’t always love blindfold challenges, but this one proved interesting because Michelle proved herself to be a major threat even beyond her strategic capabilities. She singlehandedly brought her Vanua tribe back from the brink thanks to her puzzle-solving skills. Meanwhile, Figgy failed on two fronts: She revealed to everyone how close she and Michelle are (forcing Michelle to own up to it), while also choking in the challenge.

Hannah also suffered a panic attack, which may be one of the first times that a scary situation unfolded during a blindfold challenge not involving someone actually taking part. We definitely did feel for her; we’d probably have this sort of panic attack within a day or two of being there.

“Figtails” goes public – Well, it already was public. In a moment that was truly sponsored by Captain Obvious, Figgy revealed the news about herself and Taylor to Ken and Jessica, who responded with the verbal equivalent of an eye-roll. How they ever thought they were keeping this a secret is beyond us.

Immunity Challenge – So much goodness in here, whether it be Michaela apparently being the magic cheerleader (whatever she wants, she gets), David being pretty solid, or Michelle continuing to be touch. Probably the most surprising part of this, though, was seeing Michaela openly cheer for Vanua to win over Takali, that way another Gen X member likely goes home. This seems to be a pretty terrible thing to admit to publicly, just like Figgy openly celebrating Michelle being in the game. Michaela’s amazing entertainment, but why paint a target on you when you don’t have to?

Ultimately, Takali lost the challenge, which means that they are the ones in jeopardy tonight.

Tribal Council – This was an interesting situation given that Adam was firmly in the middle between two alliances: Taylor and Figgy, and Jessica and Ken. We’d actually think that it would make sense for Adam to stick with the showmance if he was truly their #3 (they’d likely split votes at the end and Adam can win easily). The problem is that Figgy made it CLEAR that Michelle is probably her #3 earlier in the episode, and even if she’s not, Jay likely is. Adam is at most #5, but we think she’s probably closer to both Michael and Will than Adam.

Now, let’s go to the vote! By a vote of 3-2, Figgy is gone. We do think she was an entertaining presence this season and we’ll miss her for that, but we do think that she made a few key mistakes in between having an open showmance and making it clear that there were at least a couple of people ahead of Adam in her personal pecking order. Also, Taylor basically threatening Adam to vote with them probably didn’t help.

In the end, we had a super-entertaining episode with a HUGE tribal council decision. What’s not to like? Grade: A-.

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