‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 4, episode 5 review: Blackmail and further battles

SHIELD -There are many different ways in which you can look at Tuesday night’s new episode of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD.” At one point, it was an intense political thriller as Jeffrey Mace engaged with Nadeer, a woman with ties to the Watchdogs and a desire to stop SHIELD and the Inhumans in their tracks.

Unfortunately for some of the other characters on the show, she’s got a little bit of leverage on them. After having some of the footage of Ghost Rider along with Coulson, May and Daisy, Nadeer is ready and willing to use this against Mace, who is going public with his Inhuman abilities, as well as SHIELD as a whole. She’s a difficult threat for the team to take on, give that if you try to remove her from the equation, you in turn only further aid the theories out there that Inhumans are dangerous and need to be stopped.

The two things that this team are going to need to rely on moving forward are intelligence coupled with a little bit of firepower. In the case of the former, we know that they’ve got it. The firepower part of this may be a little bit more dependent on being able to keep Robbie Reyes and Daisy working with them, which may prove to be far from easy.

Nadeer, interestingly enough, wasn’t the only person to make negotiations with Mace. Simmons was able to create enough of a trade-off that she spared herself from a lie-detector test, and in turn potentially saved her job.

Are we still not as interested in the Darkhold as we should be? Probably, and the same goes for Lucy, who attempted to get Morrow to do her bidding during the episode. Part of the issue here with us is just that we’ve got some other elements of the season that are a little bit easier to digest, and while we’re getting more Robbie backstory next week, we actually wish the show had dived more into the mythology of all of this supernatural stuff earlier this season. It would’ve made the story a little bit more cohesive.

Still, we are enjoying it, and the political subplots are proving to be so much better than first envisioned. Grade: B.

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