‘The Flash’ season 3, episode 4 theory: Could the new Harrison Wells be Dr. Alchemy?

Alchemy -

If there is one part of “The Flash” that has to be rather exciting for Tom Cavanagh, it is likely the ability to be able to effectively play a different permutation of Harrison Wells every season. Heck, in season 1 he played two with some regularity, since the Dr. Wells before Eobard Thawne took him over was in many ways a completely different person.

Tonight, we technically saw several different versions of Harry as the Earth-2 Wells, coupled with Cisco, looked for a version to bring over and help at STAR Labs so that he could head home with Jesse Quick. Eventually, the two settled for an Earth-19 version, though there was some hesitation on the part of Wells to have this happen. This Harry is confident, funny, and has a certain degree of warmness. He’s almost like the best of the first two versions of Wells rolled into one.

Yet, is it too good to be true? Does this version of the character have other motives? Given how powerful Dr. Alchemy, this season’s Big Bad to date, seems to be, we’re not ruling out that maybe this is him in disguise. If he is powerful enough to effectively empower characters from the Flashpoint timeline, isn’t he also powerful enough to create his own version of Wells designed to act as a spy? Or, what if this version of Wells has a vendetta against Barry from the Flashpoint timeline that is not entirely clear or spelled out.

Let’s be clear that at present, we feel like the odds of this Wells being Alchemy are slim, mostly because we’ve already seen Cavanagh as a Big Bad and there’s no need to use him in this capacity yet again. We do contend that Alchemy is more interesting a villain if he is someone Barry and company have already met, so we hope that much is true.

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