‘The Flash’ season 3, episode 5 preview: Can Caitlin Snow’s mother help with Killer Frost transformation?

caitlinWhile we don’t necessarily know if Caitlin Snow is becoming Killer Frost per se on “The Flash” this season, we know that she at least has some of her powers. They were first introduced following the second episode this season, and while the show hasn’t necessarily given a ton of time or attention before tonight’s episode, they will rise more to the forefront as we get into next week’s “Monster,” the last episode before the show takes a week off for Election Day.

While there are going to be many different stories that play out over the course of the hour, seeing Caitlin’s mother for the first time on the series, and understanding their relationship better, feels like it is going to be top priority.

Synopsis – “Desperate to understand what is happening to her, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) visits her mother, Dr. Tannhauser (guest star Susan Walters), a renowned biomedical researcher, in the hopes that her mother can provide some answers about Caitlin’s growing meta-human powers. However, when Dr. Tannhauser treats her daughter like a test subject, Caitlin grows cold and brings up past wounds causing the two to have a major blowout. Meanwhile, after a mysterious new meta-human attacks Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) tries to convince Julian (Tom Felton) to let him assist on the case.”

Will this be the episode where we better understand Julian’s purpose this season? We certainly would love for that to be the case … though we’re personally going to hold on to our theory that he is Savitar for a little while longer.

Promo – Interestingly, this is more so about a monster attacking the city than Caitlin; heck, it doesn’t even mention her at all. However, you do get plenty of trust issues regarding the new iteration of Harrison Wells.

Tonight’s review Head over here to get it the moment that the episode tonight ends! (Photo: The CW.)

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