‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 5 review: Team investigates rooftop murder, Kensi wakes up

NCIS: Los AngelesOn “NCIS: Los Angeles” on Sunday night, LAPD Detective Marty Deeks got a welcomed gift starting a new chapter in his life. The love of his life, Special Agent Kensi Blye, finally opened her eyes after being in a coma since the mission in the Middle East. Crushed under a helicopter after an intense crash, her prognosis has been dire and Deeks has stuck by her side as she lay in a hospital bed. While she is finally awake, she could only squeeze one hand revealing there might be physical injuries that she could face in the future.

A familiar face, Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck, returned once again to work with the NCIS team. She is the latest temporary edition to the team and a necessary replacement for Kensi while she is recovering. As Nell continues to work in the field as well, it’s all hands on deck as they are still chasing down leads to solve a murder of a Navy machinist on a roof top. A red flag within the government as he has high security clearance the team is on a Los Angeles hunt, tracking evidence to figure out why he was killed. With few details and many questions, every lead is run down until answers are found.

The issue of the mole is still hanging in the balance. As the person who could have been selling secrets hasn’t been discovered yet, the clock is ticking down before Hetty’s mandatory resignation will kick in. Special Agent Sam Hanna heads to prison to question who everyone thought was the person and came away with another name to continue in the search. As the process is slow, it might be too late for the team to save Hetty’s job, but they are still trying.

The final moments of the show revealed that the murder of the navy machinist was because of his part-time job. Apparently he stumbled upon some weapons making him a liability after he saw something he shouldn’t have. This side job as a machinist with high clearance is what got him killed as he knew the parts being made were for illegal weapons.

Fans of the show are wondering how long Anna will stick around on “NCIS: Los Angeles”. With Kensi in the beginning stages of recovery, it might be quite a while before she heads back to the field. In the meantime, the team needs to flush out the mole, along with the other members of the office, will be working with a new boss.
Watching tonight’s episode, not only were we entertained, we learned something new. Next time you hear the word “Rooftopping” you will know it is the art of taking high fashion photos with the background of skyscrapers. Most of the time it’s done illegally. Believe it or not, this unique photography started in Los Angeles! Episode grade: A-

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