‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 premiere: Did Steven Yeun’s Glenn meet Lucille?

Glenn -

When we first saw the first victim of Negan and his bat Lucille on “The Walking Dead,” we thought that was it. With that, we should probably only blame ourselves for thinking that the show would do something so simple as simply taking a single name off of the board after all of the hype.

You can head over here to read some more news regarding the end of Michael Cudlitz’s character of Abraham on the show. It was sad to see him go, but what makes this one so terrible is that Negan wasn’t quite done.

Let’s now try to digest what happened with Glenn. For a moment after what we saw with Abraham, we thought there was hope, and that the internet rumors about Glenn being gone (which stem first and foremost from the comics) were fabricated. Well, we were wrong. While the incessant hype and the cliffhanger were probably bad moves given that they weren’t altogether necessary (this could have been included at the end of last season), we really do like what the writers decided on in terms of casualties. The show went big after being criticized for going soft.

In terms of Glenn, you are paying homage to the comics here, that is a good thing to do. In looking more towards the future, hopefully Steven Yeun is going to have a chance to use this as a launching pad for some other super-exciting things in the future. He probably was aware of this exit for some time and had a chance to prepare for what would be coming up next in his career.

Finally, let’s look at the overall impact on the show. Killing this character will devastate the people who’ve known him and been around him from the very beginning, and it will especially leave an enormous impront on Maggie, who loved him and was ready to build towards a future with him that included a family. Meanwhile, Getting rid of Abraham is the way for the show to still have the shock value, since that’s not something that was set up the same way in the comics. We’ll miss Glenn, but we don’t think we’ll forget him.

What do you think: Did “The Walking Dead” handle these deaths in the best possible way? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment. (Photo: AMC.)

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