‘Saturday Night Live’ debate: Will Alec Baldwin return again as Donald Trump?


On this past episode of “Saturday Night Live,” we had what was the final debate sketch of the season featuring Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon). By and large, it was hilarious, and we don’t know how they managed to find some freshness in there after so many weeks of seeing it.

Ultimately, we do think this is the one part of the debate sketches that started to get a little bit tired once we got to the end of them: There was so much in here that we probably got spoiled. The first one was the best because it had the element of surprise; the others were good, but we probably took them for granted.

So are we at the end of the road now for Baldwin as Trump? Well, we think we’re probably going to get at least one more outing of him during the upcoming November 5 installment hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch. There won’t be a new debate for it to parody, but at the same time this is the last show before the election and we have a feeling that the writers are really going to try to milk this once more for all they can.

After that show, Baldwin’s future becomes more interesting. If Trump loses the election, you’ll probably get at least one more outing from him after it happens just to give his version of the character a send-off for now. With that being said, if he wins we imagine that you are going to see someone else take over the role since it’s probably hard to commit to Baldwin doing Trump for several years. We do think that in giving this part to Baldwin, similar to host they gave Bernie Sanders to Larry David, “SNL” its hedging its bets for a Clinton victory.

If you want to get our full review for this weekend’s new “SNL” episode, be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: NBC.)

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