‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 6 preview: Halloween and a scary time for Walter O’Brien

Excited for Halloween? We’re right there with you, and we’d say that this sentiment is largely amplified several times over by the fact that we’ve got an upcoming episode of “Scorpion” next week that will hopefully prove to be a rather fun celebration of the day! Not only that, but hopefully it’s also going to do a good job of giving some more information about Walter’s latest struggles with immigration. As you recall, it’s now out in the open that he and Happy married years ago in order for him to get a green card, and he’s now waiting to get his citizenship. Her being pregnant with Toby’s baby now complicates things on a rather big level.

This Halloween episode that will feature these two stories is entitled “Dog Poop Crazy” — which is probably the best bit of evidence that you’re ever going to have that this show is airing on CBS rather than cable.

Synopsis – “Before Halloween, Team Scorpion must infiltrate a deep, vast cave system in order to prevent a bat population from destroying the North America ecosystem. Also, the team dons costumes to stage photos from Halloween’s past for Walter’s upcoming immigration inspection.”

There’s going to be a lot going on in here, but we rather enjoy that someone among production had the idea to create a mission that involved a bat population for the holiday — it’s appropriate, and who knows? It’ll probably be scary for a lot of people given just how many bat phobias there seem to be out there. We wouldn’t quite put it on the same level at the moment as the people who have clown phobias, but it’s up there — and it’s a good thing that the show’s not doing a clown episode at present given all of the people freaking out over that right now.

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