‘The Blacklist’ season 4 spoilers: In the midst of a (possible) mole

The Blacklist logo any seasonIs there a mole on the loose on “The Blacklist”? There’s clearly something afoot, at least based on some of what we’ve seen with the show so far this season. There’s been a good bit of chaos as Liz and Red have each worked tirelessly in their own way in order to find and stop Alexander Kirk and retrieve Agnes. The story has definitely remained compelling and incredibly interesting, with there being more and more danger lurking around every corner.

Given that Kirk had advance knowledge recently that Reddington was coming his way, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp makes it clear to Entertainment Weekly that clearly something here is afoot:

“You are correct to worry there may be a traitor amongst us … Is it in Red’s group? The FBI? I will neither confirm nor deny.”

Hopefully, this is something that the show will offer up a little bit of further information on as we get a little bit closer to the end of the season. The hunt for a mole is always an interesting story to us anytime it happens within a show in this genre, just because you are dealing with a ton of characters who probably don’t handle this sort of news particularly well. Remember how we saw Red shoot Mr. Kaplan over what he felt was a traitorous act against him? We’re not sure that someone like Ressler or Cooper would react that severely if they learned that someone within the FBI was spreading information to Kirk, but we do have a feeling that it would be ugly.

Let’s just pause for a minute and hope that it isn’t Amar’s new girlfriend, and he’s been casually telling her stuff about work that she’s been spilling elsewhere. That to us feels a tad too obvious a possibility.

(Photo: NBC.)

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