‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Kryssie’s safety ceremony

Kryssie -We know that for many people out there watching “Big Brother: Over the Top,” the Safety Ceremony that is taking place today is hardly that much of a cause for celebration. After all, we’re getting to see a lot of people declared “safe” in a ceremony led by Kryssie, otherwise known as one of the people the majority of the fans want to see on the block.

Don’t get us wrong: Going into this season, we really wanted to like Kryssie, given that she has a similar “rocker” vibe to Paul and was different from everyone else in the cast. Unfortunately, she’s way too much about the good people versus the bad people, and getting that first Care Package really got to her head. Seeing her ego spiral out of control at times has produced some more wonderful comedy, but at the same time it hasn’t made us root for her.

Today at the ceremony, Kryssie declared Neeley, Justin, and Danielle safe, which isn’t a shock. She had said that she didn’t intend to try and pull any trickery at the ceremony, and make anyone in her alliance think that there was any chance they could be heading home. This probably is the right move here.

Ultimately, tomorrow we’ll see who actually is put up on the block proper, but what is interesting about this week is that we get the sense that Kryssie is fine with anyone who goes provided that they’re on the other side of the house. Alex was the person she was really targeting, and she’s now safe.

Tomorrow, the final part of the Safety Ceremony will be over, and on Monday America will make their choice. Odds are, Neeley will be the third nominee if current patterns hold.

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