‘Shiptober: On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 and Meredith, Riggs’ future

Grey's -Mrs. Carter: Is the future for Meredith and Riggs on “Grey’s Anatomy” a particularly bright one?

When Martin Henderson was first cast to play this part on the ABC series last year, we were rather skeptical, just like everyone was, as to whether or not it was a good move to give Meredith a new love interest so soon. After all, the risk that comes along with that is a possible sentiment from the fans that the show “rushed” in some way in order to replace Patrick Dempsey’s character of Derek, and that is obvious not something you want fans to feel. You want them to realize that these characters all value, and Meredith’s going to hold the memory of Derek close even if she does eventually move forward.

The show ultimately did the right thing here in regards to Riggs and Meredith, moving things along slowly to the point that it wasn’t until close to the end of the season when they really started to move in a romantic direction. Even now, Meredith seems to be resisting things with Riggs while he’s a little more gung-ho. There are obviously some issues at play here: She’s worried that their judgment will be tampered with by them being together, and she also doesn’t want to hurt Maggie.

Will these concerns ultimately stop the two forever? Time will tell, but we want to lay out the case in every direction in this latest edition of our month-long ‘Shiptober article series.

The case for Meredith and Riggs togetherĀ – For one, you can’t stop chemistry, and sooner or later something is going to happen where the two parties just realize that they are just wasting their time by trying to act as though this relationship isn’t going places when it clearly is. At a certain point, you may just be better off trying to embrace that. We also think that there are plenty of exciting possibilities that come from these two being public, especially when it comes to their dynamic in relationship to Amelia and Owen, given his own complicated history with Riggs. Few shows make relationship drama anywhere near as strong as this one.

The case for them apartĀ – Maybe you want to tell the story of Meredith not ending up with someone else from the hospital, and you think that there are some other interesting possibilities out there; or, maybe you still feel like it’s too soon and they should wait a little bit longer. Maybe you root for Maggie with Riggs. Ultimately, this is all just objective, and much of it comes down to the simple idea as to whether or not you want to see these two together. That is what the poll below is for!

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