‘Shiptober: Should ‘Shameless’ season 7 keep Emmy Rossum’s Fiona single?

Fiona -Mrs. Carter: Is a single Fiona giving “Shameless” the spark this season?

We feel like we’ve said it a few times now on CarterMatt: This season is an improvement over season 6, and we do think that there are reasons for this that extend beyond Emmy Rossum’s character. Yet, at the same exact time we do think her avoiding full-fledged relationships has shown to be a great help. It’s given her a chance to stand on her own two feet, focus more on what she wants from life, and afford her some more family time … even if the Gallaghers are not always the sort of people you want to spend a lot of your time with.

For this latest edition of our month-long ‘Shiptober series, we want to do our part analyzing both the pros and cons of this pairing, including what we could see a single Fiona¬†bringing to the table in the long-term.

The case for keeping Fiona single¬†– For one, it offers up a lot of trial-and-error when it comes to chemistry tests. Let’s say, for example, your goal is to find her the perfect person to be with at the end of the series, and you’re not having it be someone who we’ve already met on the show. In having her date occasionally, you can see her with a number of different people and see what clicks. We’d also love it if Fiona realizes that being single may be the thing that allows her to take her life to the next level, and she finds some new success through this new-found focus and devotion towards building up work. We don’t want all of the Gallaghers to be miserable forever, and ending this show with her single and successful could be a powerful statement, and a fun change from who she was for most of the series.

The case for a relationship¬†– To us, it’s all about the writing. If you find someone who is a great foil for Emmy to play off of, why wouldn’t you want to explore that? You don’t want to put the character in a relationship for the sake of doing so (she’s already had a lot of that over the course of the series), but we imagine that there are interesting character possibilities out there who could challenge her and make her better without turning the show into something it’s not. You would just have to tow the line between finding the right guy to change her life while still not distancing her from the other key characters in the cast.

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