‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 6 video: Could Lee Thompkins or Valerie Vale die?

Lee -Monday night’s new episode of “Gotham” is going to be a creepy one — any time that you’ve got the Mad Hatter involved, it feels almost certain that you can guarantee that. He’s so far a pitch-perfect presentation of the character from the comics, and he is being anchored further courtesy of a rather wonderful portrayal by Benedict Samuel of “The Walking Dead.” You get a sense of the man’s intelligence, but also at the same time his instability. This is what makes him such an enormous threat, given that you don’t quite know precisely what this character is going to be doing on just about any given moment.

In the new preview below, you can see precisely what Jervis Tetch has in store for Jim Gordon, and it’s not pretty. He and his cronies have captured both Leslie Thompkins and Valerie Vale, and is putting him in a position where he must choose to save either one or the other. It’s a heartbreaking spot, since he’ll feel responsible for killing one, and whoever lives will feel a sense of immense guilt.

If we had to speculate now as to which one makes it through this alive, he’s got the history with Lee that is not quite there with Valerie. She may be more of his love interest now, but we’ve yet to see anything from either one of them that they are about to be settling in to marriage or anything close to that. Killing off Valerie could be a precursor towards driving Vicki Vale, the reporter who is legendary in Batman lore. Within the “Gotham” world, Valerie is her aunt.

Is there a possibility Lee actually does die? We’re not ruling it out, given that this is a show that does change canon here and there; still, we’d be surprised given she has so many relationships with different characters. It is also possible Jim finds a way to save both.

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