‘Elementary’ season 5, episode 3 sneak peek: Gregson’s girlfriend hires Sherlock

Gregson -We’ve seen many interesting cases on “Elementary” over the years, but we’d say that the majority of them are tied to characters who we either care very little about, or know that we’re not going to be seeing again. With the latter in mind, many of the clients or the victims-of-the-week are not particularly memorable. This is not meant as any slam on the series; this is really a microcosm of the entire mystery-TV genre as a whole.

Luckily, this show does find opportunities here and there to try and break the mold, and based on the sneak peek below, this is precisely what we are going to be seeing with Captain Gregson’s girlfriend Paige on Sunday’s new episode “Render, and then Seize Her.” After watching the first preview, we have this uneasy sense that something is a little bit off, almost as though Paige could be in jeopardy of something horribleĀ happening to her.

Our fears are a little bit more justified in the second sneak peek, as she has her first real meeting with Sherlock Holmes, and in the process tells him that she wants to hire him. With that said, there’s a pretty significant twist: She wants to do so as a private investigator, and does not want anyone else to know about it.

For those wondering, there will be another storyline in this episode as well in Holmes and Watson’s search for an abducted woman, but this feels more like the forgettable case-of-the-week we mentioned earlier. Could it be compelling in the moment? Sure, but it’s rather hard to write about it / hype it up in advance with so little information available.

For some other news when it comes to “Elementary,” be sure to head over to this link! We’ll have a preview tomorrow for the landmark 100th episode. (Photo: CBS.)



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