‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2 spoilers: Damien Darhk’s involved in a Presidential administration

LegendsTo date, it has now been firmly established that Damien Darhk is one of the four villains constituting the Legion of Doom on the second season of “Legends of Tomorrow.” It’s not entirely clear precisely what his ultimate endgame is as a part of this organization (which is still unnamed on the show), but he’s out to cause some various problems through time in the world.

For the latest example, just know that on the upcoming November 10 episode entitled “Compromised,” we are going to end up seeing Neal McDonough back as a Senior Adviser to known other to President Ronald Reagan. The team will have to figure out what he wants and how to stop him, and there are a few other important stories at play here, as well.

1. For Sara, she’ll have to contend with the reality that revenge is still on her mind over what happened to Laurel. Yet, at the same time she is a leader now, and this is a label that she cannot so easily cast aside.

2. Even though we are several decades removed from when we last saw the Justice Society of America at the time of this story, they could still play a role.

3. Martin Stein is going to run into a younger version of himself once more. He did this previously in the seventies, and we found that personally to be a rather fun time. Here’s to hoping that we get something similar here.

Given that Captain Cold and Malcolm Merlyn are also supposedly a part of this Legion, hopefully we’ll get a chance to see them before long. Supposedly, Wentworth Miller will be making his first appearance of season 2 during the midseason finale.

For some other news right now when it comes to “Legends of Tomorrow,” be sure to head over here! (Photo: The CW.)

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