‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ spotlight: Adam Klein currently controls Takali

Adam -

Out of the three tribes that were formed on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” this past episode, the Takali (a.k.a. Purple) tribe is to us the most interesting since it is a classic dilemma: You have two alliances of two, and then one person firmly in the middle with the power to tilt the game in very different directions. They can be the kingmaker for one alliance or the other, and that in turn could tilt their own future placement down the road at the merge.

We don’t think there is any drama in this rankings article in terms of determining who the #1 contender at present is. However, we do think there is a little bit of fun in trying to piece together the remainder of the chessboard, especially since there are some interesting dynamics that determine who is the more dominant person in each one of the two-person alliances.

5. Taylor Lee Stocker – We’re giving Figgy a little bit more credit here just because she seems to be aware that highlighting a showmance is a bad move. Maybe you can argue that Taylor not having his head in the game is a good thing, but with the merge approaching it does make sense to remove someone who could easily be perceived as a physical threat.

4. Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa – These rankings are putting a lot of stock in Adam not wanting to go with the showmance, and that is no sure thing. We’re also making an assumption here that in the event this tribe never goes to tribal council until another swap that these two are the least likely to win the game. They’re going to be huge targets, and Figgy’s already been targeted.

3. Jessica Lewis – We tend to rank the smaller targets in alliances a little bit lower, but in this case we think Jessica’s got a little more danger around her given that Ken is probably more loyal to David, and she doesn’t have that firm #2. Also, we’ve seen that she can be very paranoid, and that could get her in trouble.

2. Ken McNickle – The best thing about Ken is that he seems really good at playing the game at times without you realizing what he’s doing. He’s a soft-spoken guy who works hard, provides, and can win challenges down the road. It’s easy to come up with a version of this game where he can win, but the Gen X tribe will likely be down in the numbers come a swap.

1. Adam Klein – As we said, swing votes are golden. They’re even more golden when they’ve got an immunity idol to boot. We picked Adam to win going into this season, and the longer this goes on, the more and more we’re feeling good about it.

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