‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 5 review: The citizenship dilemma

Blue Bloods season 7Tonight, “Blue Bloods” aired an episode that echoed some familiar themes: Characters trying to do their best to do the right thing, even though this was not always a particularly easy thing to find.

At the center of this episode stood Coryna Garza, an influential activist who fought hard for the rights of Latinos in the city. However, at the same time she had a penchant for taking things a little too far, and in the process getting herself arrested. Here was the main issue: She was not a citizen as it turned out, and she could face deportation. The police wanted to punish her without causing further unrest with her community, and as a result of some lengthy negotiations and investigating, it felt like a compromised was reached with Erin: She’d helped to find her a path to proper citizenship, but after that happened, she would find a way to prosecute her for some of her acts. Everyone gets what they want to a certain extent.

The other main debate of the night came via the Frank front, as he had to determine whether or not he was willing to let the NYPD participate in a high-profile raid, one that could break some trust and put some officers in jeopardy. As per usual with this show, actions have consequences, and upon reflection for him, he was ready to put this one “in the loss column” after one arrest in particular. We’ve certainly seen more compelling Frank stories over the years, and with Judy Reyes killing it as Garza in the other plotline, we were eager to get back to it.

As for Jamie and Eddie, we just mostly found their storyline a little silly given that we were dealing with a psychic operation that was ever-changing, and while there were certainly suspicious actions at the center of it, there wasn’t enough for an arrest. Instead, Eddie’s punishment was Jamie giving her a hard time about what she went through with the psychic in the first place.

Grade: B-. The Erin story tonight was fantastic; however, the other ones caused us to have a rather difficult time keeping our interest.

(Photo: CBS.)

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