‘Gotham’ season 3 spoilers: Is Barnes about to lose it?

Barnes -Earlier this season on “Gotham,” Captain Barnes found himself the victim of a rather-cruel (and rather-violent) situation: He had a drop of blood from Alice fall on his head. As we were told, Alice’s blood has a tendency to draw people into madness. He knows that it could be coming, but like any other mortal, he doesn’t want to see his life end or to lose his mind. Therefore, he’s just trying to go about his business.

Well, the bad news for Michael Chiklis’ character is that he’s going to have to pay the piper when it comes to this event sooner rather than later. The upcoming November 7 episode “Blood Rush” is going to feature Barnes starting to feel more of the effects of what happened, and it will probably cause some problems for himself and others.

Want another teaser on this episode? Well, let’s just say that Carmine Falcone will be returning in order to throw Lee Thompkins and her fiance Mario an engagement party. On the surface, that sounds wonderful! It’s too bad that the problem here is that if we’re Lee, we’re still not sure we want someone like Mario around for a substantial period of time. He may be wonderful at what it is that he does, but that doesn’t exactly make him a person who really inspires much safety.

One more thingĀ – You’re going to see some developments in Edward Nygma’s personal life in this episode as well. We feel like we’ve already made our thoughts about him and Penguin clear (they had surprisingly good chemistry and we wouldn’t mind if the show went there), but we don’t want to specify for now who this “development” is with.

Want to get some other news on “Gotham,” including a preview for Monday’s episode? Then head over here! (Photo: Fox.)

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