‘Westworld’ season 1, episode 7 review: Bernard reveals his true self to Theresa

WestworldLast time on “Westworld” we saw Maeve become all powerful after she forced Felix to push her intelligence to the highest levels. What is she going to do with this power and is she going to go back to “Westworld” at all now that she knows it’s a giant lie?

Last week there wasn’t any movement on the Dolores story, but this week we caught up with her and William riding the train with Lawrence who betrayed them. Lawrence is now the second person to tell William that maybe playing the white cowboy hat hero is not really what’s inside him. Also, as Dolores falls deeper for William, he realizes he has to tell her that when he goes back home, he’s marrying another woman – breaking Dolores heart, which is something that happens to her all too often. After he tells her the truth he realizes that his life back home is a lie and that he no longer wants to pretend now that he’s found real love with Dolores.

The board is in town and working with Theresa to funnel all of the information she can out of Westworld, because as of right now the only person that has full access to the entirety of it if Ford. That’s a problem for the board and it’s investors since they want to push Ford into retirement and if he’s the only person with all of the information to Westworld, he could erase it and disappear without a trace. The board wants to prove just how dangerous Ford’s creations can be so that they can get more of a legal handle on the park and it’s information.

The board uses Clementine to prove to Ford and Bernard that the hosts have become violent, malfunctioning and cannot be controlled. The malfunction is that the hosts are remembering  past experiences and are reacting to a grudge they hold. The board tells them that this negligence is astounding, especially since they know that people have made mention of these malfunctions and nothing has been done about it, putting the lives of the newcomers at risk. They fire Bernard and tell Ford that all of the hosts will have to be built from the ground up.

Even though Bernard has been fired, he still wants to show Theresa Ford’s private house in the park with the unregistered hosts. When they arrive, Ford is also there and reveals that Bernard is a host which is a huge a shock to him as well as Theresa (and we may as well include ourselves on that list since we didn’t see it coming either). We weren’t sure why Bernard was bringing her to Ford’s house in the park to begin with, but it was because Ford asked him to. He has Bernard kill Theresa in hopes of gaining control of the park once again and to prove to his board members that there will be no changes and that Bernard will still be an important part of the park’s work.

When Maeve learns of Clementine’s fate, she wants Felix and Sylvester to break her out of Westworld and let her live her own life in the real world. They tell her it’s impossible, but she threatens to kill them if they don’t help her and they are so deep in now that they feel they have to since they will lose everything anyways.

Bernard’s reveal was such a great twist, mostly because we suspected that there were hosts working in the labs or for the company, but Bernard was so far off our radar. What we love about this twist is that now everyone is a suspect as a potential host for us – including Ford. Is he just a highly intelligent host like Maeve? Episode grade: A-

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