‘Westworld’ season 1, episode 6 review: Maeve takes control, Bernard learns the truth

WestworldOn the last episode of “Westworld” we saw William embracing his inner villain a little as he shot an unarmed man and cheated on his fiancee with Dolores, but we won’t be visiting this part of the story this week. The biggest cliffhanger was seeing Maeve wake up in the real world and demanding a talk with one of the scientists named Felix… what is she going to ask him about?

We start this week’s episode off with Maeve pushing to learn everything she can about herself. Felix tells her everything she wants to know and even though she really doesn’t understand everything she’s trying to figure out these two worlds and how they connect. He tells her that the processing power that she has is way more advanced then the regular human brain, but the drawback is that she is under human control so it won’t see it’s potential.  She asks to see how the world is created, how the people are made, how they are programmed – and he shows her. She even sees an advertisement for “Westworld” that includes her in it.

When Felix’s lab partner, Sylvester, figures out what’s going on, Maeve threatens to kill him if he goes to Quality Assurance to tell on them. She wants some alterations to her overall make up, but when they go in to make the alterations to her, they discover that someone else has already been doing that – making her highly paranoid. The one change she makes is to her intelligence and now she has a higher intelligence then any AI ever had.

There is a mole in the company as AI’s are being used to transmit information from Westworld to… someone. Bernard digs deeper and finds that there wasn’t just one AI that was being used, but that there are 5 others that aren’t registered with the system in a section of the park that is said to be isolated. When Bernard goes into this section he sees a house there with a family living in it. Bernard can’t figure out if it’s Arnold or an AI, but Ford is also in the house to shed some light on the situation. He tells him that these are the last of the first generation of AI’s that Arnold built himself.

Elsie is still digging as well and has found the relay transmitter that’s been sending all the information back to whoever the mole is. She calls Bernard and tells him that it’s Teresa that’s stealing the data, and that someone else has been using it as well to retask the older model AI’s in ways that would allow them to lie to humans or even hurt humans. So who is making these changes? Elsie thinks it’s Arnold, but before she can get the data back to the real world she is attacked.

The real mystery here is surrounding Arnold. Is he still alive? If anyone knows the truth about Arnold we assume it’s going to be Ford since he seems to be sitting on top a pile of secrets. While we enjoy the stories that are going on in “Westworld” like the man in black and Dolores, it was about time that we had an episode that focused on the problems with the people running the park. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this episode of “Westworld” and how do you think season 1 is going to end? Leave a comment in the box below. If you want more scoop on “Westworld” then head on over to the link here where we have more reviews and previews. (Photo: HBO)

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