‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2, episode 2 review: When Rex Tyler met the Reverse-Flash


The second episode of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” took quite a big risk in introducing the Justice Society of America, and we say that for the most part because of one simple reason: They really ran the risk here of having the new (or old?) group of heroes overshadow the ones that we already have.

After watching this episode, we are coming close to saying that the JSA was a cooler group than the Legends, but at least not so much so that we wish we were watching them over the group that we already know. They’re certainly fun, but at the same time we’d say that the Legends still remain the ones we care about the most. Whether it be Obsidian, Stargirl, or Commander Steel, all of these people proved to be interesting throwback heroes. They got along with one another well, tried to do the right thing, and were heroes for a different generation back in the 1940’s.

Well, here is the rough news: They are already out a leader now, as Rex Tyler found himself dead at the hands of Eobard Thawne, who continued whatever his mysterious plan for the season is by murdering him in the closing seconds. This was in some ways inevitable, given that Patrick J. Adams has another job on “Suits.” The biggest bummer we have about losing him is that we never even saw Hourman’s true powers on the show. Can we go back in time and see him still alive and fighting other people?

The main goal of this mission was all about making certain that the JSA was okay, and also figuring out in the aftermath of Rip Hunter’s departure who is the new leader. The title eventually went to Sara Lance after Martin Stein at first tried to take over to very little effect. Sara is the right person for the job: She doesn’t react emotionally unless it involves her late sister Laurel, she’s well-liked by her team, and she gets the job done.

A couple of other quick positives from the episode.

1. Watching the Legends go undercover to help the JSA led to a splendid opportunity to get Victor Garber singing on the show while at a bar. If you’ve got a guy with this level of musical talent on the show, it only makes sense to do this.

2. Seeing Nate Heywood become potentially Citizen Steel by the end of the episode was fun and fairly earned, as we learned that he lived a sheltered life growing up due to his inability to produce blood clots.

As for the negatives, we are wary of a potential Ray Palmer / Vixen storyline after the one from last season with him and Hawkgirl failed so mightily. Meanwhile, not enough Mick Rory in this episode. If you’ve got Dominic Purcell, shouldn’t you use him? Episode Grade: B+.

For some more news on “Legends of Tomorrow,” including a further preview of what lies ahead, be sure to move your mouse over to this link! (Photo: The CW.)

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