‘Shark Tank’ videos: Parker’s Real Maple, SandiLake Clothing, SiliDog look for deals; Kevin O’Leary’s past

Shark Tank -We published earlier today our preliminary preview for Friday night’s new episode of “Shark Tank,” and to go along with that, why not go ahead and discuss some of the sneak peeks? Every indication we’re getting suggests at the moment that this is going to be a fun one! We’ve got an assortment of clips from a few different products tonight to go along with a segment featuring Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary front and center.

Let’s start with O’Leary, since this sneak peek is rather emotional. It’s a personal look back at how he great up, and the impact losing his father at an early age had on his life. His mother remarried, and through his work he ended up living all over the world as a child, seeing a variety of different cultures and having unique experiences that shaped his worldview. In the end, this understanding of people may be one of the many reasons for his runaway success.

We do like that “Shark Tank” is using their update segments at times this season to give you more insight into these Sharks; in order for us to understand the sheer measure of their success, you have to see where they began.

Now, let’s get to some of the products! Remember, we’ll be back tonight with a full review of all of the deals and products that are discussed; you can also click on any of the links below to be taken to the official pages for even more information.

Parker’s Real Maple – Who doesn’t love maple syrup? We absolutely do, and we’d have the stuff on almost anything. We certainly love it on donuts, and we wish more shops in the United States would use it more regularly.

We love the fact that we’ve got a young, determined guy trying to make his dreams come true with what is a simple product that he’s still giving innovations to. For example, we’ve never heard of maple cotton candy! The big issue here is that it’s a grocery product; it’s hard to convince people to go buy online something

SiliDog – It’s a cute pitch for what is a simple-but-useful product: Silicon dog tags that never fade and don’t make any annoying noise. We like the idea and hope that it ends up securing a deal in the Tank, mostly because we could see people buying it if it is in the right market. That’s the issue: Getting people to know this exists and is different than the average dog tag. We don’t think people tend to really put a lot of thought into buying these.

SandiLake Clothing – This pitch is really fun. It’s simple and to-the-point, but in a clothing brand that speaks confidence. She knows what her company is about, and what she wants to do with it — give parents options so that they and their kids can have fun, playful fashions that show off their personalities. We do think that there’s a reasonably good chance that a deal can get done here, provided that they are able to showcase proper avenues for sales. With companies like Red Dress Boutique and GameDay Couture, we’ve seen that clothing brands can have some success after the show.


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