‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 5 review: Is Walter getting his citizenship expedited?

ScorpionLast time on “Scorpion” there was a big reveal about who Happy’s husband really is and we don’t know why it really had to be such a big secret. More then that we don’t know why Happy is still married to this man since she married him to help him get a Green Card and the waiting period for him to be naturalized would’ve been long over at that point (three years if you’re married, five years if not). Also Happy is pregnant!!!

Toby is pushing for Walter to release Happy from her marriage, because her stress is mounting and it’s affecting everyone (including the baby). He tries to reason with Walter saying that Happy has been bounced from orphanage to orphanage in her childhood and doesn’t want to move into motherhood without being married to Toby. Walter of course doesn’t want to get deported so he’s scared to get divorced.

Cabe reveals that there’s a way to expedite the immigration process and even though Walter is afraid that the extra scrutiny will expose their sham marriage he is convinced to go forward with it after Toby pushes.

After the mission at the museum, Walter tells Happy how much her friendship has meant to him over the years and that he appreciates the sacrifices that she’s made to help him. Seems that Walter is warming up to the idea of sharing his feelings with people he cares for – growth that we are really enjoying seeing.

So is Walter going to get his citizenship? He’s getting things expedited, but the person looking into them is digging pretty deep, starting with the fact that they don’t live together and haven’t for 6 years. Toby forces Happy and Walter to move in together and start learning everything they can about one another to make this marriage seem bonafide to help wrap this up as quickly as possible.

Can we just say that it’s adorable that Toby is commiserating with Happy’s pregnancy? We know that really he’s just scared for them to be parents, but we think that it’s going to be great television to see these two moving into parenthood. Episode grade: B-

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