‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 6 review: Did Penguin confess his love for Edward Nygma?

Gotham Penguin Edward NygmaLast time on “Gotham” we saw Penguin enjoying his station as mayor of Gotham, but also facing the fact that Butch may not be as loyal as he thought. Although it was Edward that set Butch up for the fall, he still was behind the red hood gang making Penguin look like a fool. What’s going to become of Butch now? Also, Penguin and Edward are closer then they ever have been before – these kindred spirits have turned into much more then friendship, they are becoming family… or maybe even something more?

Jervis is still after James as he blames him for the death of Alice and he’s doing everything he can to get his attention including killing innocent people and blaming James for it. He finally gets James to agree to meet with him and shows him that he has Valery Vale… and he has Lee too. He lures James to a tea party involving Lee and Valery forcing him to choose between the women. James chooses to kill Lee and Jervis thinks this means that he loves Valery so he shoots Valery, but she’s doesn’t die and he escapes once more. Did he chose Lee because he loves her and did the switcheroo or does he really love Valery?

If you were hoping to see a love affair between Penguin and Edward it looks like this might be happening as Oswald has admitted to himself that he is in love with Edward and plans to tell him his feelings. When Penguin tries, he chickens out last minute. He tries again, by asking Edward to come over for dinner later that night, but when Edwards stops at a store to pick up wine for the dinner, he runs into a woman that reminds him of Kringle and he is smittened with her and her riddles. Bad timing for Penguin.

We have been waiting a long time to see Penguin have a love interest and while not everyone may be on board with it being Edward, we think there is something really special about their connection. They are clearly more then just friends, but it’s not clear how Edward feels about Oswald. Is it as family or is it a romantic connection? Episode grade: A-

What did you think about tonight’s episode of “Gotham” and do you like where the story is going so far this season? Leave us a comment in the box below. If you want more scoop on “Gotham” season 3 then head on over to the link here and let us be your guide. (Photo: Fox)

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