‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3 theory: Could Frank be ‘under the sheet’?

HTGAWM -Through five episodes of “How to Get Away with Murder,” the show has slowly unraveled a series of answers to a central question that has proven, ultimately, to be rather haunting: Who’s under the sheet? There have been small clues here and there, and tonight’s episode “It’s About Frank” gave us the biggest one to date: The deceased is a man.

There were a few names ruled out already, and after tonight, some more are. Now, we’re left with a roster that includes West, Frank, Nate, Connor (Oliver’s in the clear), newcomer Simon Drake, and Asher.

In looking at this field, let’s go ahead and cross off Wes — we think he’s too essential to the show to lose, which means that if the show actually did kill him off, they’d have our undying respect. We’d miss him dearly, but you gotta love writers with guts so long as it’s not just death for the sake of shock value. If they find a way to do it, more power to them.

Meanwhile, it seems too soon for Simon Drake. We find the character fascinating (we just spoke to Behzad Dabu about him earlier in the week), but it would be strange for the show to hype up a death this much when it is of a character we as viewers just met at the start of the season.

This leaves us with a few more options. Getting rid of Connor would justify as a shock, but it would devastate Oliver / Connor ‘shippers to no end. We still think there’s a lot more story to tell with Nate, and with Asher, you have a guy who you either love or love to hate.

If we had to draw a line in the sand right now, we’d draw it towards Frank. This is a guy who’s killed, changed his appearance, hooked up with Bonnie, and gone rogue over the course of the series, and we don’t know how he can keep living the way that he is. Given his ties to Sam Keating, to Laurel, and to so many other characters, losing him would feel shocking and satisfying. He’s the series’ Icarus at this point, and we wonder if the longer he lasts will cause him to start to lose some of his edge.

Plus, if Frank was to go, wouldn’t it be perfect for it to be in the most dramatic way possible?

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