‘Shiptober: Could ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 4 give us Fitz, Simmons proposal?

Simmons -Mrs. Carter: Who wants some more romance on Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD“?

For the first three seasons, the ABC drama really took its time when it comes to growing and developing the relationship between Fitz and Simmons, and we definitely understand the reason why. They ultimately didn’t see any reason to rush something when there was still so much time left in the series, and also still some steps that the two needed to take before they were at the place they could really trust each other and have the fantastic relationship that so many fans wanted.

They’re now in that place, and to go along with that, they’re at the point where they are considering living together! Could an engagement be next? It seems like the right move, and a SHIELD wedding would be a lot of fun … but it could still be a while before it happens. Even still, it feels like this is a worthy topic of conversation in the latest installment in our long-running ‘Shiptober series.

The case for an engagementĀ – The biggest reason to have it happen is, ironically, time. The ratings for this season are not good, and we have to imagine that this is an expensive show to make. We’re not saying that you need to rush in a wedding, but in the event the show does end after the fourth season, why not give people hope for the future? Maybe you can have the two characters cameo in a movie as a married couple after the show ends.

Regardless of the show’s future, we do love the idea of two SHIELD employees trying to manage life as an engaged and eventually-married couple while also battling major threats and putting their lives on the line. While there are close relationships and family dynamics on the show, this brings things to another level altogether.

The case against itĀ – This isn’t really a romance, so it’s not the show that would want to make a big deal out of this. Maybe you’d rather spend this season focusing on Ghost Rider, AIDA, and everything in between. Or, maybe you just don’t like having a couple working within the ranks. Also, maybe there’s not a unique engagement idea out there right now, and you certainly don’t want to do this story unless it is epic.

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