‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 3 review: Is it a twist when everyone knows it?

Real WorldThree episodes into this season of “The Real World,” we are enjoying for the most part what we’re seeing insofar as entertainment goes. The casting people did a decent job with the personalities they got on board, and when it comes to the idea of a “Bad Blood” theme, it’s smart. It’s basically forcing people to ask themselves whether or not being famous is worth airing all of your dirty laundry on TV. It’s hardly a surprise that through two episodes, the majority of the people who are a part of this show appear to be perfectly fine with the prospect of this.

There are some exceptions to the rule. Anna, for example, was slightly wary about coming on and ruining things with Katrina, and embarrassing her family in any way. She didn’t want to take this experience away from her, which is further proof that in this example, there’s at least some sort of love that is there. Meanwhile, Tyara back in the house threatened to leave in the event that her high-school rival Kimberly turned up. Kimberly is an interesting character, mostly because she’s completely unapologetic about almost anything that she does based on what we’ve seen already. She also claimed that Tyara’s accent is fake. We can’t wait for that fight already!

Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem with the season so far, and it’s the same one we’ve had with some other ones in the past: This is a show that just has way too much going on, and to a certain point, it ends up working to its detriment. These shows are a little bit better when there is not much time wasted, and it really feels like we’re dragging out a reveal that even the people in the house know is coming at this point. It’s hardly a twist anymore, so why not just get the slow part of this season over with? There’s a common expressing in writing about wanting to show scenes of conflict rather than hearing people talk about conflict. At present, we’re getting the latter, and we’d rather see these people interact than hear from them individually about what they’ve done in their lives to date.

As a whole, we’re in the midst of an intriguing season; we just want it to move from “intriguing” to “compelling.” Grade: B-.

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