‘The Blacklist’ season 4, episode 5 preview: Liz, Red face tension over Kirk

The Blacklist logo any seasonThursday night’s new episode of “The Blacklist” is a mere matter of hours away, and based on what we’re seeing so far, we’re getting further reminders that Elizabeth Keen’s complicated feelings for one Alexander Kirk are going to continue to cause a divide between her and Reddington.

Want some more proof? Per Entertainment Weekly, much of the tension between these two characters stems from the sentiment that Red wants Kirk dead and gone, while there’s an incentive for Liz to want him alive. For one, she does want to make certain that nothing happens to her daughter Agnes in the process of bringing the guy in; also, this is one of the few people who holds information on her past. You probably know the expression quite well: Dead men tell no tales. Liz doesn’t want to run any risk here.

Specifically within this episode, we’re going to see Red wanting to undergo an operation of his own in order to take down Kirk, but under no circumstances is Liz willing to see that happen unless she is able to go along with him. She obviously doesn’t want him being able to run in there and fulfill his mission without her involvement; understandably, she wants to get a certain degree of what she wants, and can you really blame her? With all that she’s been through, she just wants to be able to have her life in order.

Hopefully, tonight will lead to some further information about Liz’s past, especially in the event that Alexander Kirk’s time is limited. Hopefully, there’s still a little bit of gas left in the metaphorical tank, but the reality here is that we don’t quite know how much longer he as a villain will last. Most of the characters of his capacity tend to stick around a half-season at most.

(Photo: NBC.)

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