Presidential Debate #3: How is Chris Wallace as moderator?

Fox NewsTonight, the third Presidential Debate is airing across all major networks, and of course, this is a fairly contentious affair. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are of course going toe-to-toe, but we don’t want to spend a crazy amount of time discussing that part of the equation at length. After all, that just feels like a guarantee that the comment section will become filled with all sorts of unspeakable horrors.

As per usual with these debates, what we want to focus on here is the performance of Fox News’ own Chris Wallace as the moderator for said event. We feel like this is for the most part a thankless job, mostly because it feels pretty close to impossible that you are going to have a moderator that everyone will like. Instead, we just tend to have people who are accused of either being biased or allowing the crazy-train to go completely out of control.

For the most part, we do think that Wallace did as good of a job as someone could do in this position. He asked some very difficult questions of both candidates, tried to right the ship, and was reasonably professional in the process. Do we think that he could have cut both of them off more than he did? Absolutely, but sometimes beggars cannot be choosers when you’re looking at the state of things in the moderator department.

In the end, we’re fairly happy that these debates are all going to be ending — we don’t think many people are changing their minds based on this, and at this point it’s largely just become an exercise in watching people yell at each with no real specific end in sight.

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