‘Arrow’ season 5 theory: Is Deadshot still alive?

Arrow -

On Wednesday night’s new episode of “Arrow,” we had a chance to see a wonderful return: Deadshot was back! However, at the same time it wasn’t quite in the way many people probably hoped that he would turn up.

Instead of seeing Floyd Lawton (played by Michael Rowe) in the present, we saw him effectively in dream sequences from John Diggle, thinking back over the guilt he felt when it comes to the death of his brother Andy. At one point, John held him responsible for the death of his brother, but given that Andy was actually alive at that time, these relationships and dynamics are complicated and then some.

With all of this in mind, we have a question worthy of asking at the moment: Is it possible that Deadshot could actually still be alive? We understand why the producers had to write the character out of the show, given that DC Comics wanted to use him for “Suicide Squad.” It’s similar to Harley Quinn not turning up on “Arrow” beyond a cameo, or also the death of Amanda Waller, which felt rather sudden when it happened. Rowe is brilliant as the character, and of course we’d love for him to still be out there.

One bit of evidence that heĀ couldĀ be is that we never quite saw the body, and given that DC just let Superman be on two separate episodes of “Supergirl,” it feels like things are starting to get a little bit looser in terms of characters being in both the movie and TV show universes at the same time. Deadshot’s huge to Diggle’s backstory, and David Ramsey deserves to have that sort of foil. Therefore, we choose to believe — at least for now — that he’s still out there.

What’s your feeling: Should Deadshot return in the flesh? We want to hear from you below!

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