‘Chicago Fire’ season 5, episode 2: Will Steven R. McQueen return?

Chicago Fire -Last night, “Chicago Fire” brought us to the culmination of their entire story to date with Jimmy and Boden, as we reached the point of no return. Following what happened to his brother, we saw the character so desperate to ignore Boden’s orders that he threw himself into an incredibly-dangerous situation. In the process, he ended up making it effectively impossible to ever be a firefighter again. His injuries are severe, and this seems to be the end for Stephen R. McQueen on the show for the time being.

Could he return? Executive producer Michael Brandt doesn’t rule it out completely to TVLine, but it doesn’t seem as though there is anything in the cards for now:

“Character-wise, you can never burn bridges on a show too badly to not salvage them. He goes out fighting for what he believes in, and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the episode, there’s a scene between him and Boden where you realize everything is OK between them. Boden respects why Jimmy did what he did. But that said, there are no plans right now to bring Jimmy back to the show.”

For McQueen, we feel like this role was probably just a great opportunity to show his evolution as an actor. Remember here that he came onto this show from “The Vampire Diaries,” and got a chance to play a much more grounded role on a series without all of the supernatural stuff happening around him. He’s now available to dive into pilot season, which to us easily means that he could end up landing a gig on another show out there. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find the time to play Nightwing in a project; we do now that he wanted that role for many years if a project ever came out.

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