‘This Is Us’ episode 4 theory: Could there be a fourth child?

This Is Us -For those of you who do love to pick apart every single line of a show like NBC’s “This Is Us,” we presume that there were opportunities aplenty for you to do this just based on a quick line from the fourth episode of the show entitled “The Pool.”

Specifically, we’re talking about Jack suggesting to Rebecca at one point about trying for a fourth child. This is something that hasn’t been brought up in the present, but there could be a couple of different reasons for that.

1. It never actually happened – Hey, how many times in life do we discuss things that don’t ever amount to much of anything? It happens, especially when it comes to people trying to expand your family. It’s just not something that you take lightly.

2. Whatever happened is too depressing to bring up – Maybe there was a fourth child at some point in the timeline, and it ended in some sort of tragedy. This is a show where these sort of things happen, even if there are also moments of lightness in the story.

Do you believe that there could be a fourth sibling? We want to hear your thoughts on that in the poll below! Beyond that, though, there was a lot of other powerful stuff that took place in this episode, including Kevin starting to realize what it means to be left out, Kate starting to deal with body-image issues in her youth, and Randall already struggling with his identity before getting around to the present. While there were fewer jaw-droppers in our mind (at least in terms of obvious ones), the show continues to set itself apart as a signature series of the fall season.

Want to see more of what lies ahead on “This Is Us”? Then head over here to see a full preview! (Photo: NBC.)


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