‘The Flash’ season 3: Examining ‘who is Dr. Alchemy’ all over again

Alchemy -Through much of “The Flash” season 2, the CW series gave us a pair of central mysteries that were powerful in nature: Who was Zoom, and who was the Man in the Iron Mask.

Now moving into season 3, we’ve got similar questions worthy asking when it comes to Dr. Alchemy, our mysterious Big Bad who seems born out of Flashpoint in some way. He’s allowing meta-humans to regain their old powers, and he’s got almost a cult-like vibe surrounding him with the robe and the mask. No matter how you look at it, this is one of the most dangerous people Barry Allen’s encountered. He’s got the ability to play god perhaps more so than any other villain we’ve seen to date.

Now, the main question is simple: Is this character someone we’ve already met? There are a few different possibilities that are out there.

Julian Albert – The obvious one is that this is Tom Felton in disguise, given that more than likely, you don’t cat the “Harry Potter” star unless you’ve got an excellent role in mind for him. We think personally that he’d be better off as Savitar, the other upcoming Big Bad, than Alchemy — but either way, this is extremely predictable.

Someone dead in the original timeline – What if Eddie Thawne was still alive, or what if this is some other meta-human who Barry presumes is dead or gone? It’d be an interesting reveal to see a familiar face who is not on the show anymore under the mask.

A character from another earth – Hey, we haven’t met Earth-3 versions of many characters! Still, this feels reasonably unlikely since the motive for him to come over to Earth-1 and attack The Flash is rather flimsy.

Alchemy in the comics has had a number of different monikers over the years, whether it be Albert Desmond, Alvin Desmond, or others. If these names ever pop up, then maybe we could have an a-ha moment similar to when we first saw Hunter Zolomon last season.

For now, who do you think is Alchemy? Vote in the poll below, and head over here to preview more of what’s ahead on “The Flash”! (Photo: The CW.)


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